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Dual Liposome is the new technology that can helps improve the stability of some unstable ingredients by mixing two kinds of liposome technologies. Dual Liposome is the lipomized twice for more stable state. At first step, lipomize the unstable active ingredients by using cholesterol, sugar ester etc. In the size of 10-50mm. It is Nano NSV(Non-Ionic surfactant veslcle)type.
It is MLV(Multi Lamella Veslcle)type. The process to make the Dual Liposome 1st Liposome with Retinol (NSV Type less than 40nm) combination High Pressure NSV 2nd Liposome(MLV Type, less than 500nm) Retinol Retlesome 500-LPN(Dual Liposome) The process of Dual Liposome plant SEM Picture of Liposome
Dual Liposome type' products were showed more efficient than other system, (about 95.56% after 12 months) Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin. Data were showed the stability of the retinol in the product. The penetration of retinol on the skin was proved in the figure, so Dual Liposome can deliver the retinol into the skin deeply, that is, Good delivery system.

The human abdomen skin was obtained after cosmetic surgery. After removing subcutaneous fat tissue, samples of 15mm diameter (n=3 for each experiment) were punched and mounted to Franz-type diffusion cells(9mm in diamter). Phosphate buffered saline(PBS) containing 1.5% bovine serum albumin(BSA) thermo regulated at 37C served as receptor fluid. Then 50mg of the cosmetic with formulated liposome were applied to the skin surface for 6~24 hr. At the end of the experiment the skin was rinsed with water and gently dried with a cotton swab. This procedure was repeated twice.

Skin samples were cut in a freeze-microtome to five 100 micro-meter horizontal slices. Following the addition of 1.5ml acetone to each slices was homogenated by using a tissue homogenazer and certrifuged by using micro centrifuge. And then, 1.4ml obtained from the supernatant was evaporated by using vacuum rotation and the remainder resolved in 200 micro-liter acetone. The distributions of Vitamin A were analyzed for 6~24 hour by using an HPLC system.



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